Thursday, June 2, 2011

Finished Product

I was reminded Tuesday night that I hadn't shared the finished corn hole sets.

The sets were painted and sealed the first few days we were at the beach. They were finally dry on Sunday meaning we had just two days to enjoy them. We even convinced the boys to carry them to the beach one day (not all the way, they took the golf cart to the beach access). I think it's safe to say we got plenty of use out of them.

Mark and I won the first game against the engineers (Drew and C). Drew had been reminding us every 5 minutes that he played corn hole 75% of the time during finals week. It took him 4 games before he won. Let's hope the 25% of the time spent on studying paid off better than the corn hole playing.

We're looking forward to playing with the rest of the Elsea family in August.

And finally for your viewing enjoyment...

Now to make a set to keep in Ohio. Any guesses on when that one will happen?


Luann said...

What I love best about this priceless set is the coordinated effort put forth by the engineering and construction crew behind this project. Lots of memorable moments even before it saw it's first (perfectly sewn ;) corn bag.

Joyce said...

I've been waiting for this wrap up. Disappointed the bag construction was omitted, LOL! I'm pretty sure ESPN will pick up this news story :)

davidsondrew said...

I was literally thinking that when I was in the shower 5 minuets ago. I would rather just buy premade ones and paint them ourselves