Friday, June 3, 2011

Fashion Friday: Summer Summer Summer

I'm having a bathing suit dilemma (I have lots of clothing dilemmas). The bottoms to my black Gap suit are becoming see through. Right in the middle. Fortunately, I noticed this while putting them on and didn't have someone point it out at the pool.  How embarrassing would that be? However, that small, soon to be larger, see through hole hasn't stopped me from wearing the suit to the pool because mainly I'm laying down and not frolicking around the volleyball courts. (I do not do volleyball, but that's a story for another day.) But it is getting bigger and if I ever need to frolic near the volleyball courts I'll need to have bottoms that don't show off my bottom.

In liue of getting my new suit (that I promised myself at the end of summer) I'm just going to go to Old Navy or Target and get a new pair of black bottoms. Hopefully these won't fall down when I get out of the pool.

BUT, I have found the suit that I want at the end of the year. So let's start with that one today.

1. Volcom Tiki Streeky Halter. This is the suit I am going to be dreaming about the next two months. I'll also be saying a prayer that they don't sell out or only just have smalls come purchasing time. If it is still around I'm going to go with the "modest" bottoms as the "skimpy" bottoms show a bit too much. I tried to show the difference to C, but he didn't get it.

2. Dyani Espadrille Wedge. Last Saturday, during my shopping outing with Emily, I looked for a pair of black falts for work. Sometimes I go to events and dressy sandals just don't cut it. While I didn't find any flats I liked, I did find these. And I love them just as much as I love the Volcom suit. AND they are on sale this week! I'm showing the picture in white so you can better appreciate the details, but please know I prefer them in black.

3. Sheer Kaftan Cover-Up. Attention all girls who can squeeze into an extra small. This one's for you!

4. Paradise Plunge Tunic. For the rest of us, I suggest this cover-up. But maybe we can find something a tad bit cheaper?

5. Budding Buttons Jersey Dress. I am a firm believer in summer dresses. I would wear them all the time if I could. But sometimes dresses aren't appropriate. Anywho, this one's a cutie.

6. Shapeshifter Maxi. I've been looking at maxi dresses lately, but can't find a cheaper one that I adore. I'm also worried about the length. I'm sure if I find one that I love that isn't long enough my mom can just add some lace to the buttom. This one won't work (hefty price) but I love it. Does anyone know if Anthropologie has outlet stores?

I'm stopping at six because June is the sixth month of the year. And it is June. And I'm organizing the youth group yard sale for tomorrow, so I probably shouldn't sit around looking at fashions online.

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