Friday, June 10, 2011

Fashion Friday: Swim Suit Update

This is the last time I post about swim wear. I promise (I think).

Last Saturday when C and I were at Easton I was all set to buy a pair of black bottoms to replace my current black bottoms which are a wee tad too big (as in when I lay on the bench I can feel them flapping away in the wind). Our in depth discussions led to me just getting a new suit. 

So Sunday night my sister and I ordered new suits online. Why together? Because when you spend over $100 at Victoria's Secret, you get free shipping, that's why. 

Here's what we came away with...

Maya Twist Bandeau Top with Side-ruched Low-rise bottoms in tie dye green. 100% cute.

Rachel (that'd be me)
Bandeau Top and fold over scoop bottom in diva pink. I love this suit. Charles loves the model's pose. I told him I strike this pose at Valley View. He just never catches it. 

Sara Sliding Halter Top in bright green dot and Side-ruched Low-rise bottoms in bright green.

Yeah, I got two suits. Somehow when C told me I should just get a new one, I heard "go ahead and get two since the other one is on sale." And so I did.

Enjoy the weekend!!

(I didn't show Emily's top or my second top because I was afraid three swim suit model pics was too risque for my family blog.)

UPDATE: I think I have to return the suits. They just don't fit right...

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