Monday, June 13, 2011

cleaning out the volvo

Tuesday night I cleaned out the Volvo. Didn't want to take it to the dealer with all the crap in it.  Looking back it probably definitely would have increased what we got for the car.

Some of the things I pulled out of the car include:
- Jumper cables (to be expected in a super old car).
- Golf clubs (which are now stored at my parents) because we don't have room to store them in our apartment.
- A pair of pants that should have been put in the yard sale along with the other clothes I removed from my trunk last week - that had been in there for two years waiting to go to Good Will.
- Two bar exam study books, faded from yellow to white because they have been sitting in the rear window for two years.
- A Bible because we love Jesus.
- Two umbrellas, yet C's car, which is driven 38 times more than the Volvo never seems to have an umbrella in it when you need it.
- Empty windshield wiper blade containers.
- The black striping that was taken off my car when I was hit last September.
- Roughly 62 receipts.
- One Comso magazine from forever ago.
- Tanning lotion from when I last fake baked in March of 2008. I haven't fake baked since because of that new tax. Oh, but how I love tanning. It's like therapy to me. So relaxing.
- A handful of buckeyes.
- Random golf balls which have been rolling around for who knows how long.

Finally, and most importantly, and the reason for posting everything I removed from my car, at the very bottom of everything in the trunk, I found this...

People Magazine - August 11, 2008.

Perfect timing given the current trial and the issue I received just last week.

People Magazine- June 13, 2011

For what it's worth, I hope sitting through the trial is pure agony for Casey.