Thursday, May 26, 2011


I've got nothing in particular to discuss today so I thought I'd go with the good old list. That way to don't have to worry about transitions.

1. C's going to Joplin this weekend to see his parents and take a van full of supplies to help those in need (we've been told money will help them most as they discover new needs in the upcoming days). Redeemer has generously offered to send what help they can to Immanuel Lutheran Church. It is such a blessing to have a wonderful church family who will step up at a moments notice for those in need. While I'm not able to go, I'll be sending prepared meals (and cookies!) for whoever is staying at the Elsea condo.

2. With C's upcoming absence I've had to promise him that I wouldn't get any kidney stones while he was gone. I told him I'd see what I could do, and if I do get one, I won't call him at 2:00 am to let him know.

3. Monday night, for the first time since I have had my driver's license, I went through a car wash. It took some begging and pleading (because we were supposed to - and did - get a storm later that evening), but C obliged. When I was little we'd climb into the back of the van and pretended we were caught in a rain storm. I can't really do that now. Especially when I drive. But I do love car washes. I plan on taking my car very soon! Can you sense my excitement? It's the little things I tell you.

4. No one has guessed (correctly) what C was jealous of in Tuesday's post. So I'll just tell you,. He's jealous that the fine folks across the street put a table and chairs on their roof. It's all levels of classy over there.

5. Speaking of jealousy, my parents are seriously considering (to the point that a deposit has been made) getting a new dog. This is not going to help with my current plan of not thinking about puppies so that I won't want one (because I realize a puppy isn't in our near future due to our living situation).

6. I realized something Monday night (it was a big day!) something I will never be able to do now that I am married (and no I'm not talking about dating). At least not when C's around.  During the summers I used to listen to the Indians on the radio as I went to sleep. This was particularly good for the West Coast games. They had the lead going into the top of the ninth Monday night when I thought about listening to the final three outs to see if we held on. I mentioned this to C and his response was, "You're right, you aren't able to do that now that we are married." A little bit of the Indians lover in me died Monday night. *Sigh.

7. The pool opens this weekend. Guess where I'll be.

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