Friday, May 6, 2011

Fashion Friday

It's Friday!!

I have been waiting for Friday since Monday.  This week was particularly slow because I felt like I was in a rut until Wednesday night. C thinks (and I agree) it's because after such a whirlwind weekend, it's hard to come back to reality. Sorta like when you go on an extended vacation. Last weekend wasn't an extended vacation, but it was an extended weekend. And since we were fortunate enough to do things I never, ever imagined were possible, it felt like a long extended vacation. Just imagine what Europe will be like next year.

That being said, I didn't think I had anything to post for today until I remembered the following:

1. Andy Dress. I've been coveting this dress from Fossil.  But I will never have it because they only sell their clothing items in the catalog and online, not at any store in Ohio.

2. I spied this suit a few weeks ago during my first attempt to get some Pink Indians gear.

If I'm a good little girl and get down to the weight I purposely low balled on my driver's license (I figured, if my license says it I'll try harder to get to that weight), then I plan on rewarding myself a new suit. It was going to be this one, but I can't find it anywhere on line and by the time I get around to buying it it won't be in stores. I'll just have to go with Athleta (which has a suite I love on sale!). Good news for me, I don't have too much more to go until my drivers license weight is truthful meaning I'm gonna get me a new suit!.  Bad news for C, I don't have too much more to go so when I get my new suit I'll be spending some moolah (but not too much).

3. Black Flats. Something I am actually in need of is a pair of black flats. I tend to wear my flats into the ground.  Since I just spent a boat load on my Sperrys (sometimes puns are too easy) I'll probably just settle for a pair like this from Target.  If I remember correctly, there is a $5 off coupon sitting behind our tub in the bathroom.

If you made any sense of my second item, congratulations! You win the prize of the day! C is usually the distributor of the prize of the day (and I usually win since there are just two of us in our house), but today I'm giving it to you!

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