Monday, May 2, 2011

The Arcade, Indians Game #1, Boat Shoes, and Crepes

This weekend is going to be split up into three parts. Today's Part One - how we got to Cleveland, Thursday's game, and Friday up to game time. Part Two - the Social Suite experience. And Part Three - Amber's wedding.  So make sure to come back tomorrow and Wednesday for more.

Before I start rewinding the most exciting weekend Everything Elsea has yet seen, experienced, and participated in, you may want to go back and read about the day I got the invite to the Indians Social Suite.

Got it? Good.

C and I went to Cleveland for an early and extended weekend so he could attend a CLE and so that I could attend some Indians games. In fact, when I think back on the trip, and I do - a lot, I forget that this little ethics seminar is the reason why we were even up there.  Thank you, Ohio Bar Association for opening up this weekend for us.

We stayed at the Hyatt Regency at The Arcade.  The Arcade is one of America's oldest indoor shopping malls.  The stores fronts on the second, third, and fourth floors have all been converted into hotel rooms.

Our room was one number off from being an old store front.  That's what you get for booking through Hotwire. But you also get much cheaper rates, so I'm ok with that.

Our view was a typical city view.

Can anyone locate what I liked best about our view?

Thursday night we met Emily at the Jake the Prog the Jake to watch the Indians sweep the Royals (not usually a big feat, as we are talking about the Royals, but this is a different year and still exciting).  We witnessed 4 home runs as the Tribe beat the Royals 8-2, giving Carmona his 2nd win and the Indians 10th win in a row at home (have only lost the first two of the season).

We also made trips to the Prize Wheel near gate A. I have had my heart set on getting an Indians Snuggie.  After a total of four spins between C and I this weekend we have two Progressive umbrellas, a Michael Brantley magnet, and $2 off at Dunkin Donuts. And, no, we don't even have a Dunkin Donuts in Fairfield County.

So that was Thursday night.  Friday morning C had his CLE so I hit up a nearby mall that Emily said I had to check out.  I left with a little less money in my wallet, but a lovely pair of Sperrys that I can wear on all of those boat trips C and I never take. I also took advantage of the Victoria's Secret that had some Pink Indians apparel.  It was refreshing to talk to ladies there who knew what the MLB was and who the Indians were.  After the mall I stopped by to visit with Aunt Babs and got some Royal Wedding viewing in with her while we discussed all the details. When C was done with his CLE we headed to The West Side Market for some lunch, crepes and cupcakes.

Charles' Comment: Rachel has asked me to contribute my thoughts, though I think she mainly needs me to inject some down-to-earthedness into the Social Suite experience which, were the story left solely to her, one might mistake for the glorious return of Christ. So I'll be warming up my killjoy fingers for tomorrow (just kidding honey...), but in the meantime it's worth expressing here my absolute, utter amazement that the men of the world were just dragged through the most globally salivated-over celebrity experience in a generation...and it earned barely a mention (and one in passing, at that!) on this blog. Less a testament to Mrs. Elsea's interest, I'd say, than it is a resounding statement on how affected she was by the Indians experience this weekend. Yes, it was that awesome. 

Coming tomorrow... the exciting stuff.

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