Friday, April 1, 2011

There's always next year four years a decade* from now.

I've let my readers down. You just didn't know it until now.  I had grand plans of sharing the best April Fools ever, but didn't get around to writing it down and C hasn't been home much to help write the story. And his input is essential. So I'll just have to share it with you in the upcoming days.

While yesterday was the official Opening Day of Major League Baseball, today is the real Opening Day for my Indians. You know, the team that doesn't compete, but rather just plays for the heck of it.  Really most of the time we aren't even "playing". But when you trade your players for cash and never get talent in return, what do you expect?

I am not one of the unrealistic fans who say "This is our year" because everyone (including Chuck Noland - and he was at sea for who knows how many years) knows that's not true. We are not going to the playoffs this year.  We'll be lucky to break .500.  And my thinking, saying, and typing this will not make the Indians do worse (because I don't think they can). Expecting the Indians to go all the way is like expecting a 2 month old to dress, feed, and clean itself. So please, fans, be realistic and enjoy this season knowing that the Tribe is not going to contend for the Central Division title.

(But then again, last time we started the season at home with snow we did go to the playoffs, but we had players who were in or almost in their prime. Not players who are several years from or several years past their prime.)

That being said, I am very happy to see the Tribe back on the field. Yes, I am bitter towards the owners who don't seem to want to invest in their team and those who think we really have a chance this year, but I still love baseball.  I enjoy the game for what it is.  I've even learned to enjoy the games in which the Tribe gets slaughtered yet something memorable happens for the opponent.  Like the best play of the year or a blown call that results takes away a no-hitter. There is a certain beauty that exists (even when the worst) team takes the field.  As an Indians fan I enjoy each game.  Not the number of games that it takes to get to the playoffs, but rather each and every single, unique game.  And each new game is a new start.

So let's play ball.

My favorite Indian.

And remember, there's always next year four years a decade* from now.

**Updated at the middle of the 4th inning. White Sox up 14-0.


TE said...

Great Post Rachel. I'm with you, "Let's play ball."

Emommy said...

Ack. Opening day can be killer. Twins fans were similarly conservative about their hopes. You baseball fans are true, true faithful!