Monday, April 4, 2011


We're (and be we're I mean I'm) forgoing a weekend rewind today because a weekend rewind every Monday is a bit mundane so I thought I throw a knife hammer wrench in things and switch it up. I've had some discoveries over the past week or so that I thought I'd share with you in case you too were wondering what was up.

ONE - Soft & Dri DriGel has disappeared from store shelves. And by store I mean Meijer because that's the only place that has carried it of late.  I am a very loyal product person.  While I do chose my products (soap, shampoo, conditioner, and deodorant) based on scent, once I have one that really works I stick with it. Forever.  So if you see any Soft & Dri DriGel in the stores please let me know. In the meantime I yesterday I purchased 10 sticks (at $2 each!!) from

I also threw in a Burt's Bees Bath Crystals to put me over the free shipping threshold.  Plus I'm having issues finding this locally as well.  It isn't as much of a necessity since it's not socially unacceptable to not bathe with bath salts. 

TWO - That little half moon shaped white thing at the bed of your finger nail? That's called your lunula. And it's biggest on your thumb and most likely not even visible on your pinky finger. You're welcome. 

THREE - On the way home from church (during church because I left the baked sketti at home) yesterday I heard Zac Brown Band's "Whatever It Is." I always thought the first line of of the chorus was "She's got one of those idioms." Turns out that's not the line.  Instead it's "She's got whatever it is."  I still hear "idioms.. 

FOUR - While writing this post I called C in to see if the period goes before the end of the quotes or after when the sentence is ending. I think it should go in.  Apparently there is a big grammatical debate out in the Boring Grammatical Universe as to which one is correct.  Whoever these debaters are, I want to show them there's better ways to spend their time. Like at the pool or playing in a sandbox. (This is a discovery because I wasn't aware people debated this.)

FIVE - I need some help discovering what this is.  I saw it yesterday while heading back to church. Any ideas?

SIX - The Idiot is not the sequel to The Iliad

SEVEN - This seems like a good number to stop at.  Friday morning I discovered this little video.  Makes me chuckle. Apparently everyone else has already seen it. But it's worth a second or third viewing. 

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