Monday, March 28, 2011

weekend (in mourning) rewind

The Buckeyes lost this weekend.  I was horribly sad.  But I won't go on about how we played like an 8th grade boys team and how UK shouldn't be too happy with themselves either because, well, they beat a team (by two points) that was playing at the level of 8th graders, because Big Red is a UK fan and I value our friendship. I only have two friendships.

But I will say this much... I am not mad at William Buford or anyone else on or associated with the team. I (seriously) love them deeply.  

So let's just start with Saturday shall we? Except I'm going to jump right to noon because I woke up with a mondo headache that was partially caused by the events from the evening before and partially caused by our 96 year old apartment building and all the lovelies that come with it.

So noon rolled around and I was no longer feeling the desire to rip my left eye out of it's socket, so we decided to head to Easton for some retail therapy.  We started at Cosi, where Mama E. and C's lunch was prepared in a decent amount of time.  They finished eating and I still didn't have my pizza.  So far this weekend was off to a killer start.  I did finally get my pizza and it was yummy.  We stopped in Victoria's Secret to pick up my two free panties.  Yes, I found the other coupon! Immediately, my weekend was a bit better. I was able to find a book that I haven't been able to put on hold at the library (for who knows what reason) and picked up some more of my tea.

We had a yummy dinner at my parents' house with the lightest mashed potatoes ever.  It was like eating clouds.

Sunday morning I got to church the earliest I ever have.  I was the 4th person there. Super proud moment.  The handbell choir played a semi-sad piece but we did get to sing a happy song for the close of service.  All in all a good church morning.

PLUS, Seth was able to partially remove the dent that has been in my rear passenger car door since last September.

Maybe in another 6 months I'll get around to getting the rest of the dent removed.  

Or not.

After lunch at Micky D's we went to some open houses.  The first had a full blown in-law suite and was on a busy road.  The second was the size of a tree house and I'm pretty sure the realtor was Tabitha from Passions.  And the third place we really liked.  But then again we really like about one-third of the houses we see.  

After buying $75 in iTunes gifts cards only to realize we couldn't update to the Snow Leopard operating system through iTunes (we are geniuses over there), C and Mama E. headed to Reynoldsburg to purchase the real deal.  I went to Krogers to get some dinner supplies for tomorrow (here's to getting ready the day before) and also picked up some Swedish Fish because IAmAddicted.

We had yummy leftovers for dinner (Mama E. made an all out Pioneer Woman dinner Friday night) while C waited patiently not-so-patiently patiently not-so-patiently for his computer to "update".  When it didn't he had to go against the man code and call Apple support for some help.  As of 9:32 last night the computer was believed to be coming back to life.  

Oh, yeah, my bracket is officially busted.

Go. Me. 

And so ends our weekend.  Mama E. made it so much more enjoyable.  Had she not been here I'm sure I would've spent the entire weekend on the couch, drowning my sorrows in reality t.v.  

I did get to watch the Duggars while C and Mama E. went to Best Buy last night.  I was so happy that the city approved their rezoning request.  I don't think I've ever been so happy for that family.  Now they can re-open their second car lot at the old taco restaurant.  Phew

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