Saturday, March 12, 2011

spring forward

Here's to the last day of whatever this time thing we are currently in is called!

Tomorrow the sun will be awake an hour later than usual. 

If you don't go to our church then you probably aren't privy to the semi-annual reminder we all get from Melissa to turn our clocks forward (or backward) at the end of the week.  Twice a year, without fail, she hands my dad a reminder to change the clocks.  He then reminds the entire congregation. 

Except some don't get the memo because they were either
1) in church, but not paying attention,
2) got there late, after the announcements, or
3) didn't come to church at all.

In which case at least one of those families is always one hour late (or early) to church the next week.

Just in case you fall into one of those categories (we did) and didn't get the memo, let this serve as your reminder.

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Christine Guenther said...

The benefit of saturday masses when we change clocks is we don't have to worry about showing up late (or early) to mass...however, it does (or can) throw off the rest of the day