Friday, March 11, 2011

Fashion Friday: I've got the shopping bug

At long last, another Fashion Friday.  Finally.  The last few weeks I've been battling a sinus infection and the sucker appears to be on it's last leg. (Here's to coughing up both my right and left lungs the past few days! Progress!)  Which means I now feel like being productive and not staying at home on the couch exhausted after a days work. 

What is the first thing I want to do? Go shopping and go to the Melting Pot (C still owes me a trip). But our allowance is almost depleted (yes, we give ourselves an allowance - hey, it's a good way to save money) so I'll just have to window lick (that's what they call it in France I was told).

1. Pearl Nest Ring. I love this ring. I must have this ring.  I'm hoping it appears in my Easter basket along with my namesake purse.  I'm also hoping C decides to buck our 3 year No Easter Baskets tradition (because we don't have kids and it hasn't even crossed our minds to do baskets) and surprise me with this beautiful piece of elegance.

2. Merona Scoop Neck Dress. Dear Merona, Thank you for supplying Target with this lovely, airy, rather inexpensive dress. I promise to not forget about you (at least for a few weeks). Love, Rachel

3. XL Stella Chronograph Dial Watch. How many watches does a person need? One. Maybe two. One for dress up and one for casual wear.  How many watches does Rachel need? A bazillion.  Here's two more to add to the list.  I'll take the Blush and the Teal please!

4. Floral Ballet Flats. I'm channeling spring.  Can you tell?

5. Bow Tunnel Tank. This would be great for any one's summer work wardrobe.  Throw a cute cardigan on and you're good to go. 

With that I'm headed into what will most likely be a very mentally draining weekend of basketball. Go Bucks!!

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