Tuesday, March 1, 2011

bad marketing ideas

Dear Beauty Product Mall Kiosk Employees,

When I politely say "no thank you" to your offer of hand cream while I'm walking past your little stand, do not then grab my hand and ask what I use on my finger nails.

And when I say that I paint my own nails and don't get manicures, do not ask if you can remove one nail's polish to show me another product.

And when I say I just painted my nails last night (which is the truth), do not, I repeat, do not notice some blemishes on my face and ask what I use to wash my face.

That is not a way to get someone to buy your overpriced, not good enough to be sold in it's own store (or even Wal-Mart) "miracle" products.


P.S. Please tell your hair straightening friend at the next kiosk over that my ceramic flat iron does me just fine.  Even if she says it's fake.

P.P.S. I may not have a marketing job, but I most certainly graduated with a business degree.  I don't remember any of your "marketing techniques" from my courses.

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steve.elsea said...

These "marketers" learned their people skills at during their truncated employment at Abu Ghraib.