Monday, February 28, 2011

Weekend Rewind: In which I talk about Katie too much.

I promise my blog titles will never be this wordy and grammary ever again.

I'm going to keep this short and sweet because I'm writing this while the Oscars are on (something I normally don't get in to) and despite a non-stop weekend I'm not really feeling a wordy rewind.

Friday night
- We got 20 cents off a gallon at Giant Eagle's gas station. Try to top that date night all you couples.
- Also picked up some CPK pizzas at the grocery.
- Finished season 1 of The Big Bang Theory.

- Slept till 10:30.
- I slept in till 10:30.
- Because I need to say it again, I slept in till 10:30.
- I'm usually up by 9:00
- Spent the day with my mom and Emily making yummy food for Amber's bridal shower.
- Three new recipes to follow in the upcoming weeks.
- Emily put Katie in a storage tote and Drew carried her around like she was a princess.

- Let's face it, she is.
- Despite spending her early puppy days in a laundry basket, she does not enjoy this while off the floor.
- She does however like to sleep in dresser drawers.

- Maybe she saw that episode of Seinfeld (The Checks) and liked the idea.
- Finished off the cooking by drawing thongs on cookies (more on that one at a later date).
- Ran some errands to pick up odds and ends for the shower on Sunday (like the gift).
- Came home and vegged on the couch.
- C picked up Logans for dinner. He was really craving it.
- Maybe he's preggo? That can happen, right?
- We watched Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps.
- C didn't like it. At all.
- I didn't fall asleep.
- For what it's worth, I did fall asleep during The Social Network.

- It was a whirlwind.
- We played a new handbell song at church.
- I don't remember what it is called but it has the words Immortal, Invisible, Wise, God, and Only in it.
- Left church early to prep for Amber's shower.
- Threw Amber's shower.
- Favorite part: when Amber's Aunt Bonnie told her they had booked the same cruise she and Patrick were taking for their honeymoon.
- Priceless. Even if it wasn't true.
- After about 4.3 hours of running around like crazy, my feet hurt. A lot.
- I didn't even wear heels.
- Came home, laid on the couch, at CPK pizza again, stayed on the couch until it was my bed time.


Joyce said...

Immortal, Invisible, God Only Wise?

Great shower, girls, we enjoyed the cupcakes and the thong cookies!

rachel e. said...

Yes! I knew I could count on the good Catholics!!

Luann said...

That was the Methodist Joyce that knew that, not the converted Joyce. :)