Thursday, February 17, 2011

What's in a name?

I used to (legally) be Rachel Davidson.  Then I became Rachel Elsea and my simple, easy to pronounce, easy to spell last name days were behind me. Here are just a few examples of what different name variations I've gotten in the last few months alone.

The other day I got a call from an 866 number.  I answered and was asked by the lady if she could speak to speak to Raphael Elfea.  I told her I was Rachel Elsea and asked what they needed.  They were with XM and wanted to know if I wanted to purchase a new unit since I had canceled my previous account.  I explained I had a new unit with a new account, but since they had my name so horribly wrong they probably didn't catch the switch.  They say they won't call again, but this was the third time I've received this call so we'll see.

That got me thinking.  There are other times my name has been messed up.

I get the "ael" instead of "el".

Elfea? Come on. This must have been the one time I did not spell my name "e-l-s as in sam-e-a".

But this one takes the cake.

I also get called Lisa a lot when I answer the phone at work. One time I answered "Rachel Elsea" and the person on the other end said "Hi Lisa, I'd like to speak with Rachel." My response? "This is Rachel, how can I help you." What do I hear? "Yes Lisa..."

I get called Lisa more than I get called Rachel.

None of this ever happened when I was a Davidson.


Josh Osbun said...

My last name is Osbun and has been for over 30 years now. I have been called Josh Osburn, Josh Osborn (usually accompanied by a query as to whether or not I am related to Ozzy), and Josh Osbum. People even ask me if I'm related to Donny and Marie.

Luann said...

Have you considered using a hyphenated Rachel-Anne Elsea? I think that separating the "el" of Rachel and the "El" of Elsea might stop all the Lisa-nomers out there. I am not advocating this idea though since most of my elderly patients frequently refer to me as "Lillian" even though I usually use my own name to identify myself.

Becky said...

I think the worst was when Steve was a freshman in high school, and during roll call at his first gym class of the year, the coach called out "Steve Fisfa" Steve didn't respond since it wasn't even close to Elsea. The most common are the mispronunciations: Else'-uh and El-ee'sia. I'm sure you get that a lot. I made it all better by changing my name to Sennholtz. Hardy Har Har. Hang in there! For what it's worth, I'm glad you're an Elsea, Raphael. ;D