Friday, February 18, 2011

Fashion Friday: Bieber Spring Fever

Wednesday night we slept with a window open. Only one window because I wasn't completely sure we wouldn't freeze to death having opened both.  It was lovely. Then yesterday the temps were in the 60's.  I think I died and went to heaven for a little while.

Dear Winter, 

I love you and your snow, but Spring has made an early, albeit temporary, appearance, so I'm done with you.  Pitchers and Catchers have reported to spring training and some players have already made early appearances. Plus Summer has the pool, and grass, and baseball, and beach weather. I think you get the point.  

See you next year!


I've got skirts (that don't need tights), shorts, sandals and a nice glowing tan on the brain. And it'd be a lie if I told you I haven't already thought about (on several occasions) what to wear for Easter. If you only pay attention to one item in this post please, please, please just skip down to #6.

1. Floral Skirt by Gap.
99.9% of the time of the Spring and Summer I wear skirts and dresses to work.  Greys seemed to be in last Summer and according to Gap they are back for another year. 

I've never shopped at Lucky before.  I think it may be time to start.

3. Kennebunkport Dress in Latitude.
I am in love. This dress is sold out. It's like a bad break-up.

4. Best Seat in the Home Top.
I seam to regularly forget that ModCloth exists.  With items like these who could forget such a thing? Yet another beauty that is out of stock.  Obviously my fashion tastes are much like the rest of the world. (That's a good thing.)

5. Sanuk Kiss and Tell.
I think I may have found my new Reef replacements.  Not only are these the cutest casual sandals I have ever laid my eyes on, they are reasonably prices as well.

6. Simmple.
My heart just skipped a beat. Two years ago I found this amazing pair of Steve Madden gladiator sandals at DSW.  I wore them to work every single day that I did not wear something black (because they didn't match black). Which was a lot.  Last year I couldn't find anything similar so again I wore them every single day that I did not wear something black.  I love the bright-multi option, but feel the blush-multi would better suit my needs.  Words do not express how happy I am that Steve decided to bring this look back.  

I had to take a break from searching for spring things because my sandal find made me to giddy to concentrate on anything else.  But I'm back now.

I love some patterns in my shorts.  I don't own any at the moment, but I really like the depth that patterned shorts add to a person's wardrobe (unless it doesn't match). While regular old plaid will work, if you can find madras, it's the best!

J.Crew had a 3/4 sleeve version of this top this winter.  How shiny and dress-upy! There's a skirt too!

I hope you enjoy(ed) the brief Spring weather preview these last few days.  I'm sure next week I'll be back to thinking about cranking up the heat and layering in long sleeve shirts and hoodies.

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