Monday, January 31, 2011

Weekend Rewind

As of this morning I didn't think I had anything to write about from the weekend.  Then I remember that I stopped breathing Saturday night and figured that was pretty news worthy.

I'm not sure if I've divulged my most recent t.v. love to you or not, so I figure I better get it out here.  I love Entourage.  I believe this solidifies the fact that I am a tom boy.  C was originally surprised (and thrilled) that I loved it since he's read it's basically Sex and (or is it in?) the City for men.  I obviously have never gotten into Sex and/in the City, preferring to watch whatever sporting event is on t.v. Since I'm basically a guy (except for my anatomy) I'm not surprised that I like it (C's not really that surprised either). I've always gotten along better with guys, so it just makes sense I'd like Entourage. 

All that is to say that all we did Friday night was eat dinner (can't remember what, hold on, I texted C to ask.... ahhh, he had Domino's wings and I had Olive Garden) and watch Entourage. Except for before Entourage.  Prior to starting Entourage we may or may not have gotten sucked into the last hour of Fantastic Mr. Fox. I highly recommend this movie if for no other reasons than George Clooney voicing Mr. Fox and the characters saying "cuss" in place of bad words (my kind of movie).  I think I'll try to get C to say "cuss" in place of his bad words. Back to Entourage...  I had just borrowed Season 4 from the library.  By nine we were ready to sit down and popped in Season 4.  Turns out that we hadn't watched Season 3, Part 2 (thank you writer's strike) as it wasn't on HBO.  C, being the wonderful husband that he is, went to Blockbuster (I believe they are still open because of stupidity like mine) ran out to get Part 2.  Then, you guessed it, we watched Season 3, Part 2.

Saturday morning C headed to work to help his kiddos with their upcoming Mock Trial competition (I really don't know much about this other than the witnesses have names that could work for male or females) while I contemplated whether or not I should get a chocolate cream filled doughnut (ok, 2) from Doughnut World (yum), before running my errands, but first I sat down, went through my coupons, pulled out those I could get doubled at Meijer's, then headed out the door.  I did not go get a doughnut (or 2) a choice I am still regretting. First I stopped at Hobby Lobby to get some wreaths for our latest project, then went to the mall to get a free panty (seriously, get a Victoria's Secret card, they send free panty coupons every month) and bra for next to nothing and also picked up a pretzel (at Aunty Anne's, not at Victoria's Secret).  After the mall, I headed to Meijers to double my coupons and get some deals. Except as soon as I pulled into the parking lot I realized I didn't have my coupons.  So I went in and got toilet paper and spoon roast supplies so we could pee and eat dinner. I also picked up the spoon roast from Carnival - more on that tomorrow.

C was at work the entire afternoon so I indulge in some trashy celebrity television (Kimora - Life in the Fab Lane!) and a TLC cake show where each cake was more than $5,000.  Once C made it home, we were getting close to Buckeye tip off and couldn't decide where we should get chocolate chip cookies from to feed C's craving.  We settled on Max & Erma's and stopped at Meijers (again) to get me the cutest little cake you ever did see.

Once we made it home, sweets in tow, we turned on the Buckeyes.  Then, with about 2 minutes left in the game, I stopped breathing.  Only after Northwestern missed the shot at the end of the game did I let out the largest sign of relief known to man (I am not exaggerating, ask C). We ended the evening iChatting with Mama and Papa E. and watching more Entourage.

Sunday we churched, went to McDonalds, and both headed to work.  Then I spent the entire afternoon working on this project with my mom.  I am the burlap cutting queen.   

I think that about sums it up (except I watched more Entourage last).  Make sure you check back tomorrow as the current plan is to share a 4 ingredient dinner. 

On that note, I'm spending the evening in denial that we are not getting the huge storm that it going to cripple everyone east of the Mississippi except for the portion of Ohio that is south of I-70.  I plan on reading, watching Big Love, cleaning (since it's what I do when I'm upset and I'm upset since we've been downgraded from a Winter Storm Watch to a Winter Weather Advisory), and eating my 4 ingredient dinner with C.  With that I am so over this "storm".

Hasta la vista, babies.

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