Friday, January 28, 2011

Fashion Friday: A Preppy No-No

I promise to get back into the real Fashion Friday next week.  I'm putting that off a week in order to stop this fashion tragedy before it happens again.

I present to you, Fox 28's Ms. Morning Weather Gal. 

I love the preppy look.  Do I love it on Ms. Morning Weather Gal? No. Why? Because she looks like her outfit just came out of a box from China. If you would like to wear a button down under a v-neck sweater more power to you. So long as you do it right.

Here's three easy steps Ms. Morning Weather Gal could have done to make this preppy no-no into a Friday morning work outfit success:
1) Unbutton the top button (or two). I'm also not too crazy for those black buttons.
2) Make the collar stand up. Give that shirt some life.
3) Pull the bottom of the shirt out.  Don't tuck it in and please, please, do not buy the shirt/v-neck combo.  Those are fake and they look fake (which I think may be the case for Ms. Morning Weather Gal).

So next time you go out in a look like this, please unbutton some buttons, give that collar some life, and untuck that shirt!

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Joyce said...

Thanks, Rachel, this needed to be said! I think all the weather people are either really short or the big map makes them look stumpy...