Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Just what I've always wanted!

What I really wanted was a big snow storm yesterday.  What I got was the local public schools calling early dismissals or even closing before the snow arrived.  I (seriously) blame every official who makes these decisions on us receiving hardly any snow.  They jinxed us.

But the good news is that a predicament has been solved. 

When C and I are invited to friends houses (which is never) we always like to take wine (which we don't ever do since we are never invited over, nor would we really take wine because I would cook instead as that is a good excuse to cook something) but are always worried that it won't stay chilled on the long car ride over (we seriously do prefer chilled non-red wines). 

I've got good news my friends.  If you ever do invite us over (and this is not a cry to be invited to parties - promise) for just $23.99 we can bring chilled wine in a bag that not only looks like a purse, but one that I probably would use as a purse (or at the very least a brief case).

And school administrators, just because I moved to a new topic on this post doesn't mean I'm over the lack of snow yesterday. Don't send any kids my way trying to sell candy bars or wrapping paper any time soon.

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Joyce said...

Dear R and C: Please come over for dinner. And bring some cheap cold wine. Our oven isn't working, but the microwave and crockpot are functional. I hope you can make it down our driveway. xoxox OtherMother...