Thursday, January 13, 2011

Boots weren't the only thing I brought back from Chicago

I'm going to come clean with everyone today.

When we came home from Chicago not only did we have a car load of (what I deem to be) fashionable items, we also came home with something else.

No, we did not come home with a baby. (Just thought I'd clear that one up before it even started.)

Along with being 4 years late to the skinny jean/riding boots party I was also several years late to the Angry Birds party.  But let me tell you, I found the Angry Birds party and I love it. 

And since I love the Angry Birds party, I love this clip.

I have never played the game with the sound on so I had no idea was I trying to help the Angry Birds get their eggs back.  I thought they were angry because I was shooting them at cement blocks. 

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