Thursday, January 20, 2011

I am an infomercial woman of the 90's

Sometime last week when I was telling C how cool it was that Vera Bradley finally had a bag named after me and how I needed to get it for my Spring purse and how great of an Easter basket gift it would be (which we don't do...yet), it hit me.  I need to share with you the Easter basket gift that has gotten the most use ever. Aside from the ribbon dancer I got when I was 9.  Man was I good with that ribbon dancer.  I had my own liturgical ribbon dance studio in the basement. My first performance was to the great Amy Grant's El Shaddai.  This probably explains why I didn't have a boyfriend until I graduated from high school.  (And why I immediately said yes to him when he proposed.)

Ladies and gents I present to you the Turbie Twist. It's a small little hair towel that completely covers your wet head of hair without having to use another full sized towel.  I use mine every day.  The turbie twist and I have been together for almost three years now and there's no going back.

And. yes, every day I get out of the shower, put on my turbie twist, and do my makeup so that I too can look like an infomercial woman of the 90's. C loves me for it.  But seriously, go get one.  And if you want to look exactly like me, get one in pink. 

And if you want a ribbon dancer like mine, look for the shiny rainbow ribbon (which I believe is the standard color option).

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