Friday, January 21, 2011

36 reasons why I shouldn't be left home alone.

My laziness last night precluded me from looking for fashionable stuff online.  It did not, however, preclude me from providing you with a detailed account of how I spent my evening since C wasn't home. I couldn't decide if I should do an only tweets post or a timeline.  I decided to go with both.

4:45 - Got home from work. Put water on to boil for pasta salad. Saw we I only had elbow macaroni and since I wanted an I-talian dressing salad and those two don't mix I took water off the stove.

Tweet - "I wish Olive Garden delivered"

5:00 - Watched some of the "winter storm" coverage on the news.

Tweet - "I think there may be a lot of tweeting from apartment 9 tonight."

5:13 - Continued to watch DVR'd Man v. Food Carnivore Chronicles.  Craved meatloaf.

5:17 - Decided I really wanted the pasta salad so I put the water back on to boil.

Tweet - "I'm making pasta salad with elbow macaroni. I feel like that is a big cooking no-no."

Tweet - "I just closed 31 open apps on my phone..."

5:30 - Watched more of the "winter storm" coverage.

5:38 - Started DVR'd Man v. Food Beefin' Up. Realized I must stop being so productive if I want this post to be under 10,000 words and semi-entertaining.

5:44 - Now I'm hungry for Mexican. I don't even like Mexican. Food shows will do that to you (at least me). Every. Single. Time.

6:08 - Started HGTV's Dream Home 2011.

6:41 - Texted back and forth with C for a while.

6:50 - Dinner time! Baked beans! Perfect recipe: Original style, ketchup, mustard, and brown sugar.  Bake at 350 for 40 minutes. I removed the piece of "bacon". That's just gross. Started 4th show of the night, 30 Minute Meals (which I had already seen before).

Tweet - "Rachael Ray and Binky share a birthday!!"

Tweet - "Shoveling the sidewalks at 7 pm when there is more snow and WIND in the forecast seems like a complete waste."

7:13 - More texting with C.

7:38 - Documented the snow fall.

7:40 - Found Naked.  I knew I had it.

7:50 - Took a bath with a book. Also used the bubble bath I pocketed from our Chicago trip. (I did not steal the bubble bath, I simply put it in my bag each day after room service came so they'd give me more the next day.) I love David Sedaris (minus the language - that one's for you, Mom!).  My mom sent me several of his books right after C and I broke up to replace the (relationship doomer) pillow of C and me she originally sent for Valentine's Day (that's a post for another day). I particularly loved Me Talk Pretty One Day. He's a funny one that David Sedaris.

8:04 - Calculated that David Sedaris has been with his boyfriend for at least 21 years.

8:07 - Got out of the bath.  I tend to never last long as I get over heated and bored pretty quickly.

8:12 - Watched part of The Big Bang Theory.  Pretty good stuff.

8:30 - Rewound to the beginning of The Big Bang Theory to see the start. Liked it that much. Also texted C to let him know I thought he'd like it to. It seems very nerdy.

8:42 - In an effort to delay watching my remaining DVR'd shows, I read the latest Jen Lancaster post.

8:45 - Midway through reading the blog post I got up to watch a snow plow pass. I kid you not. 

Tweet - "I've waited long enough. Let the Teen Mom 2/Toddlers & Tiaras viewing party begin!"

Tweet - "I'm worried about Leah's baby. #TeenMom2"

Tweet - "Jenelle - 'Court appointed atty's wont' really do anything for you.' I'm sure @CharlesMLC appreciates that comment."

Tweet - "Nothing beats talking about your custody battle. While sitting outside on a couch. By the curb. Nothing."

Tweet - "After 8 times I have decided not to get up and go to the window every time I hear a snow plow."

Tweet - "Only on #Toddlers&Tiaras: One 'lives in the hood' and the other has 'found her niche in horror movies'."

Tweet - "Does anyone else think that Emma Stone slightly looks like Lindsay Lohan?"

Tweet - "I miss snow days."

10:41 - Watched House Hunters International. My first non-DVR'd program of the night (other than the news).

11:03 - Bedtime for bonzo.

It's funny how my laziness prevented me from looking up fashionable articles of clothing, but didn't seem to hinder me from keeping detailed notes about my evening. I've never looked at a clock so frequently.


Joyce said...

Good post, I really felt like I was right there in Apt ( even though I have NEVER been there!) You need a Blizzard Box of fancy pastas like they have for Meals on Wheels people!

Becky said...

Agree. David Sedaris is funny. I have also read "Naked" and "Me Talk Pretty One Day." What a strange family he has!

Also like pasta salad and would rather have it with something other than elbow mac -- but hey, when ya gotta have pasta salad and all ya got are elbows, go with the elbows.

Finally re The Big Bang Theory (a/k/a The BBT), it's nerdy and funny. I love it. (Knock Knock Knock) Leonard. (Knock Knock Knock) Leonard. (Knock Knock Knock) Leonard. (Knock Knock Knock) Leonard.


Becky said...

P.S. David Sedaris's sister Amy has a couple of funny books too. She's not as funny as David, but ...

Strange family. Very UNLIKE the Elsea family who are not strange at all.