Thursday, December 16, 2010

Santa Hat Cake Pops

I follow roughly 387 blogs.  One of my favs (along with Big Mama and The Pioneer Woman) is Bakerella.  She seems to have quite the cake molding and decorating talent.  So when she came out with a cookbook (or is it cakepop book?) I immediately put it on my Christmas list.  Mama and Papa E. gave me the book for Thanksmas and as soon as I opened the gift I planned my first batch of cake pops. 

The Santa Hats.

Want a closer look?

Ok, that's not really closer. But this is.

I had had some difficulty making these in the past (but did some reading and figured out what I did wrong) and was a bit concerned about the amount of time I'd have to invest, but was determined none-the-less.  Here's the recipe and how to for those interested.  Really you can use any cake mix and any icing.  I even colored the cake batter red in keeping with the holidays.

Sunday I baked the cake, let it cool, crumbed it, spilled some cakes crumbles on the couch (because that is where everyone chooses to crumble their cake), added only three-fourths of a can of icing (last time I did an entire can which left the cake way way to wed), molded into trees and placed the little trees in the fridge for the night. 

Monday night I did the chocolate dipping and yogurt covered raising placing and was finished.  I omitted the sticks because I'm taking this adventure one step at a time.  As for the candy coating, buy the good stuff, not the Kroger brand stuff.  I had some duds at the end because I ran out of the good stuff, hand to run to the east side Krogers (after all the good stores were closed) for more candy coating, they were out, C suggested we go across town to the other Krogers (he's a keeper) where they had said candy coating. 

Here's proof to stick with the good (expensive) stuff.

And even more.

The entire left row is having some major issues. 

Seriously though, if you thoroughly read the instructions, something I am prone not to do, but did this time, and take your time, you should end up with something like this.

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