Friday, November 5, 2010

Frashion Friday: Baby, it's (supposed to be) cold outside.

If you read my blog faithfully (and I know 3 of you do) you'll remember that today is the day we have a chance of getting our frist snow.  I'm trying not to think about it because otherwise I will get nothing done. 

When there is a chance of snow that means it's going to be cold.  When it's cold and you go outside that means you need to bundle up.  Might I suggest something from Vera, if you have a budget like 95% of the world, or Lilly, if you don't have a budget or if you just want to splurge.

If you're going with Vera, then you can't go wrong with the knit hat and knit scarf

These patterns mimic the patterns of the bag.  And all of the patterns are cute. Talk about the ability to accesorize. 

If, by chance, you feel the desire to splurge or maybe you want to buy your wife something nice and pretty that has "lilly" written all over it (Seriously.  Lilly puts her mark on all of her products.  You can find "lilly" written out some where on everything she sells), you can't go wrong with Lilly.

I love the murfee scarf.  It comes in many collors but my two faves are the Pirates Bootyniere and the Sea Me.  Don't feel like clicking the link because the potential price scares you?  Well, I'll just show you the pics.

I also like the Booty Caw, as I think it'll go with just about anything, but the name?  No thank you.

Enjoy your weekend! As for C and me, we'll be spending it with two of the cutest boys you've ever laid your eyes on.

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