Friday, October 29, 2010

Fashion Friday: Must Have

Looks like we aren't going to have a guest blogger this week after all.  Every time I think, "I have nothing to blog about" or in this case "Oh, good, Emily can do this week's post because I have nothing to blog about", something always comes to mind.  This week it's my everyday footwear, my moccasins. 

Target may market these as slippers but the rubber sole is just as thick as a regular shoe making these babies perfect for everyday wear.  Seriously, check it out these soles.

Thursday night I was all set to wear track pants to handbell practice until I decided I didn't want to wear tennis shoes and since they don't make slippers that look like tennis shoes, I went with jeans and my fall back footwear.

I cannot tell you how much I love these.  I am on my third pair in four years. The first I wore into the ground, the second I got dog poop on while trying to secure a job, and the third, well those are still in use.  And the best part about these?  They only cost $16.99.  Talk about a deal.

I love these shoes slippers.

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