Friday, September 24, 2010

Fashion Friday: Falling into Autumn

So it's here.  Summer is officially gone and after today (Lord willing) it will be cooler outside.  Twenty degrees cooler.  Which still puts us in the 70's but I'll take it. 

That being said, there are a few trends this fall that I like.  Some are classics, some were probably trending 5 years ago and I'm just embracing them, and some will only be around this year.  I wouldn't mind adding one of two of these items to my wardrobe. 

I apologize in advance for the lack of pictures (I'm only posting one so that when it posts to facebook the poor little girl on the left of my blog  doesn't appear as the picture - I'm referring to the Compassion girl, not me), you'll have to have a clicking party (I hope that's not slang for something bad) to see what I like. 

1. Sweatshirts

This style appears to be coming back.  While I haven't embraced the idea for nights out, they do seem perfect for a run to the store, late night movie with C, or one of Mark's football games.

On a sort of related sweater note, I love this one.  And yes, as always, the pun is intended.

P.S. I love Gap.

2. Boots 

I love the classic boot.  Brown, over the jean, no heal.  Classic.

3. The Jacket Vest

I have a few of these and they are great for a cooler day

4. Cross Body Purses

This is a new revelation.  I may or may not have picked this one up (on sale) while in South Carolina.  In my efforts to fully embrace the season, I went with Orange.  How Halloween of me.

5. Marion Fleece Jacket

Great for others, but not me.  It'd clash with my purse.  Too bad it doesn't seem to come in other colors.

6.  The Sweater Dress

I love dresses.  They are easy and when they are made of sweater material, they are warm and cozy - assuming they aren't made of wool, then they are hot and itchy.

7. Vera Bradley's Winter Colors

My favs are Twirly Bird Pink (keeping a little bit of Spring and Summer alive year round!) and I think (as in "I think I like it", not "I think this is the name") Baroque. But nothing beats my all time favorite Java Blue. And who can forget Amiercana Red? My first and favorite tote used for college.

I am also loving cords, and jeans, and khakis (as I do every year).  Oh, and knee high socks to keep my legs warm!

And with that I'm sending you off into the weekend!

Because, apparently, in my little brain, I dictate when you're weekend starts.

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