Monday, August 23, 2010

Weekend Rewind (alternately titled "I love KFC!")

C's sister, Amilia, stayed with us this weekend while she was in town for some wedding festivities, so when you read about Amilia, you'll know why she was here.

I'm going to cut to the chase...

- I think I went to the pool, but I'm not sure.
- C and I had a lovely dinner of hot dogs, brats, and corn.  You may be wondering how we had hot dogs and brats without having an outside space that allows us to grill.  I broke down and bought an electric grill/panini press thing.
- I had some birthday gift cards to spend so we went to Target and purchased UP. I love that movie.
- We then watched up.

Saturday,  aka "The day C had been dreading."
- Upon not hearing C's alarm go off an hour and a half earlier I woke up at 9:23 realizing we were supposed to be at St. B's to donate blood in a mere 17 minutes.
- I promptly woke C up and we headed to Waffle House for a good old greasy breakfast (I had promised food before the giving of the blood).
- We arrived at St. B's an hour after our appointment, thus making the wait even longer (it is good to show up when you say you will).
- I had a lovely Scottish lady take my blood.  She was quite the talker.  Kept going on and on and on about watches and how my husband needed to take me to Jeffersonville to get a new watch at the Fossil store.
- She then proceeded to break one of the vials causing my blood to go all over the floor.  It was neat.

- C also donated without a hitch and enjoyed his Post Donation Shredded Chicken Sandwich. Sorry I don't have a picture.  Even if I had tried, C probably wouldn't have allowed me to take it.  He was very serious while donating.  Didn't even want to flip through the Glamour magazine I had brought in.
- From St. B's we went to look at an over priced house before heading to the library and then home for 2.5 hour naps (we were sleepy from the loss of blood).
- I woke up very hungry.  C woke up not so hungry, but quickly worked up an appetite playing while his favorite toy.
- Then it was off the KFC we went.  I love me some KFC.  I always get the KFC bowl (no gravy or cheese) and a side of baked beans.  I also separate the bowl taking the popcorn chicken out (I love me some popcorn chicken) eating it separately (with ketchup!) and keeping the corn and mashed potatoes in the container (I love corn and mashed potatoes all mixed together).  C got a 4 piece meal that did not require any disassembly.
- We also watched Oceans Thirteen, a movie I always say I haven't seen and then remember, that yes, I have seen this movie.

- After church and McDonald's, we went to some open houses.  The first was listed as this Sunday (as in yesterday), but is actually next Sunday - or so the shirtless man who lived at the house said - and the last three just weren't very pleasant. 
- I spent the rest of the afternoon cooking and baking while C and Amilia went on a walk.  I didn't forget about Amilia.  The wedding festivities required her presence Friday and Saturday.
- Last night was our church pool party at the view.  Hence my cooking and baking.
- My mom asked Susie to get the last game together.  She decided to get every one's attention with three short whistle blows.  Three short whistle blows = drowning victim in the lifeguard handbook causing all the guards who were in the office to run out with a very panicked look on their faces. 
- I realized that my three mothers were in the same location at the same time. 

Other Mother Joyce, Mother Luann, me,
and Eastern Hemisphere Mother Lori

- I have one more mother, Mama E., she was not in Lancaster, but instead in Pipestone.  Didn't want to leave her out.  Since I'm not good at photoshop, and let's face it, I don't even own it because it costs an arm and two legs, here's a picture of Mama E.

- This photo is also a shout out to Uncle Todd, mom's cousins, Caddie Haaf, and June Runge. 
- And no, I'm not trying to keep her anonymous, I just like this picture of C dancing with his mom.
- We ended our evening iChatting with the Olson's and Elsea's in Pipestone, Minnesota.  We have the cutest nephews ever. 


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I totally made the weekend rewind!