Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I know nothin' about Michael Jackson

I was going to try to post some odd news that I found on the internets this morning but instead I'd really rather talk about gossip magazines.

I have a credibility ranking I use for celebrity magazines. And today I'd like to share that ranking with you.  From most credible to least credible....

People :: I love love love People magazine  I'm even a subscriber.  And C supports my subscription! (Because he is certain if I didn't subscribe I'd pay even more buying it every other week.)  In my own opinion People is the top dog and no other celebrity mag (I don't consider People to be gossip) can even come close.

On to the Gossip Mags.

OK! :: I put OK! up there as a pretty reliable source because I think they are reliable in the UK (at least they seemed to be in 2002).  However, I can't say I've ever purchased a copy in the Good Old US of A.

US Weekly :: I love to read how celebrities are "Just Like US!"  It's nice knowing that they make runs to the drug store, try to fly kites, and ear burritos.  I used to be a fairly constant US purchaser.  Then they were very rude and incorrect about Sarah Palin and I got mad at them.  While I am by no means a Sarah-ite, I still think the article was uncalled for a another reason why they just don't measure up to People.  But they do get some good wedding and baby exclusives. 

Teen Mom Side Note:  Did you see the latest US Weekly and their Teen Mom exclusive?  A must read for all fans.  (And the inspiration for this post.)  I'm not sure why it was the cover story this week (when Teen Mom isn't even on) instead of waiting a week.  I woulda thought they'd get more viewers.  OR maybe they are trying to get people to tune in for the Made Movie MTV is debuting instead.  (I only know about this movie because I wanted to make sure to DVR Teen Mom and found out it wasn't on this week.)

Life and Style :: A complete joke.  Enough said.

My celebrity following doesn't stop there.  I also check out lots and lots of celebrity sites. 

People.com :: duh

Celebrity Babies (formerly Celebrity Baby Blog) :: People.com's baby and thus just as reliable.

Celebrity Baby Scoop :: Probably my #1 site of choice for celebs and their babies .

Pop Sugar :: Haven't seemed to report too much incorrect news.

Just Jared :: Not the most reliable, but still a good read.


TMZ :: I used to take this site with a grain of salt.  While I still don't believe everything I read, they really seem to have the (mostly correct) inside scoop. And now that they seem to have slowed the MJ coverage I'm visiting more and more often.  Loved the up to the minute reports on LiLo!

So there you have it.  The reason why, whenever anyone is having a celebrity discussion around me, I will happily chime in with the correct information. 

Assuming it's not about Michael Jackson.

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