Monday, June 28, 2010

Weekend Rewind: Pure Michigan

C and I spent this past weekend in Pure Michigan to witness my college roommate, Lora, get hitched.  I was blessed to be asked to be a part of the bridal party and got to stand with Lora as she pledged to Scott her faithfulness (I wanted to strike that line from our vows, my Dad said no - I wanted to strike the line because it sounds tacky, it had nothing to do with my faithfulness).  I should point out that I was a bridesmaid and not a flower girl (as some may have thought - but I would be a very good flower girl if ever asked).  This was the first wedding I have ever been in (other than my own) which means I can no longer say "Always a bride, never a bridesmaid."

We headed up to Pure Michigan late Friday morning and arrived with just enough time to check into the hotel and change before heading to the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.  These are the only photos we managed to take all weekend.  Turns out when you have a large camera that you can't slip down the chest of your dress (and your small one is missing the charger cord) you really don't get a whole lot of pictures.  I'll try to borrow some from facebook or the photographer.

And I'm throwing this last one in here because C loves my face (particularly this one) and since he's one of the few who regularly read this thing, I thought he'd enjoy it.  Plus his eyes are open. Double perk. 

Saturday morning started at 5:30 am.  This is not when Lora wanted us at the church, but when the fire alarm went off at our hotel.  Luckily it stopped and we decided to continue sleeping.  When it was time to wake up (after a few more small alarms) C dropped me off at the spa to get hair and make up done. Don't worry, C had plenty of legal problems to keep him busy all day (other people's legal problems, not his own).  By 9:30 I had my make up done (I quadruple checked that it would stay on till the wedding) and was ready to move on to my hair.  Once that was done we headed to the church for a light lunch and lounging until we were told to dress (and pee one last time) for pictures.  Once 3:30 rolled around the lovely Lora and her bridesmaids were ready to roll.

The ceremony was lovely and despite the minister skipping over the sermon, no one passed out or objected to Lora and Scott's pending union.  After the ceremony we loaded up in the trolly (with our booze) and headed to the reception.  I should point out two things: 1) we had the best Champaign ever on the trolley (it tasted like sweet sparkling juice) and 2) C went in his own car with his new BFF Michael (the hubby of the Matron of Honor - another college friend).

The reception was wonderful.  We had top-o-the-line food picked by Scott, who is a chef.  Our salads came with a poached egg.  Now that's more high end than any other reception I've ever been too (apparently my Other Mother has seen this before).  The cake was also a winner and is what makes or breaks a wedding for me.  So rest easy Lora and Scott, since I loved the cake, I loved your wedding day!  We danced to the slow songs and caught up with friends during the fast ones (I don't do fast songs - no one looks good dancing to fast songs).

Found some pictures!! (Thanks to Lora's brother, Evan, who once took us to an Evan's Scholars Ball in Chicago)

me and the lovely bride.
(I had problems with that section on my bangs all day)

Lora's wedding dreams were fulfilled with the trolley.
(Also notice my lovely tan lines. Bad bridesmaid, Rachel, bad bridesmaid.)

We left a little early to get some Champaign, rose petals, and candles to set up in Lora and Scott's suite.  You may be wondering what we did about Champaign flutes.  Those were donated by the Country Club via Michael.  We also did not light the candles because we did not want the fire alarm going off in the middle of the night and it being our fault (but we did leave matches for them to do so, incase the alarm did go off, then it'd be on the bride and grooms shoulders not ours - plus people would be more forgiving if it was them who had lit the candles instead of us - understand?).
Then C went for a late night snack at Steak and Shake while I removed 47 bobby pins from my hair. Once he returned I informed him I quite liked being a bridesmaid and would like to do so again.  To which he commented with "Well, you better find some young, single friends as most of yours are now married."
We returned home early Sunday afternoon.  C had to finish a super important legal document and I went to my parents house to get ready for my cousins bridal shower next weekend.  I also added some of my grandmother's china pieces to my china cabinet, cleaned out a closet, discovered wedding gifts I had forgotten about, and started a good book.
So I was at a wedding this weekend, will throw a bridal shower next weekend, is an engagement coming for someone the weekend after next?  I'm guess no as none of my family or friends is even dating anyone.

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J.Franks said...

Rachel! It's Julie, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this, I hope I'm not creepy by doing so ;) My final count was 91 bobby pins, and boy was my scalp aware of each one! I had fun being a bridesmaid with you!