Saturday, June 26, 2010


One year ago today I started out on this adventure.

At first I chronicled the life of a law school widow.

Then we moved on to the days of freedom and I started to add some recipes.

And then came the random things I stumble across in my everyday live and feel the need to comment on.

I think the world started to get to know me a little better

And there were bumps along the way. Days and weeks that I would not feel inspired.

But we overcame and started to discuss fashion.

And occasionaly C would grace us with his presence.

We even made a craft.

We've made it pretty far.

365 days far.

With 12 known followers and a few anonymous ones too.

We've reached our first birthday.

Here's to hoping we make it to birthday #2.

Happy 1st Birthday Everything Elsea!

(cue "You're So Vain")

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Joyce said...

Happy Bday Everythingelsea!