Sunday, April 4, 2010

Weekend Rewind

Technically our weekend isn't over yet and won't be until tomorrow, but I thought I'd just rewind the regular weekend this evening.  It was very busy and eventful.

For starters I am loving this weather. Friday was in the 80s which meant I could wear a skirt.  C and I only had to work half days so I headed up to Easton with my mom and sibs while he went to lunch with his BFF.  I had every intention of having my mom and sister help me pick out some outfits to spend my LOFT gift card on, but I realized on the way up that I forgot it at home.   So instead I was left with trying on outfits and putting them on hold till Saturday.  After returning from Easton we went to church (C's favorite service, mine's Easter) and followed that up with dinner and a movie (Adventureland).

Saturday started bright and early with setting up for the Youth Group Easter Breakfast.  Did I tell you I am the new Youth Group leader? No?  We'll, I am.  And we had to set up for it.  Then we arranged the Easter lilies.  C is very specific in arranging these types of things.  Since I thought we should go with a cross design (C suggested a script "J" or "!") it took even longer than just arranging them in two groups.  After the cross was finally in place, we headed to Easton, gift card in hand, to purchase my new wardrobe and pick up a gift at Crate and Barrel.  I got some great deals on my LOFT outfits.  Managed to save $90 (everything was 25% off plus I signed up for the store credit card, which I didn't have to sue, and got an additional 25% off). Score!  We lunched at Cosi (love their signature salad) and C checked out the new iPad before we headed back home.  Once we returned home we took a long walk to Dairy Queen (1+ mile) and had a super late dinner.  I also made cookies and squash casserole and cooked sausages for Sunday.  I should also mention that I managed to burn my hand with the sausage grease.  Instead of evening out my hand scars and putting it on my left hand, I managed to just add a potential scar to my right hand which is already home to a oven burn scar and Meijer self check out machine scrape scar.

Today (Sunday) we woke up super duper early (6:15 - that's super duper early for us) and headed to church to get the Easter Breakfast going.  Church was great (as it always is) and our handbell choir preformed.  After church we had a huge, yumm-o lunch at my parents house.  I was able to take a nap outside (still lovely weather) before we headed home.  Oh, and the Easter Bunny, myself, and someone who attended our wedding and gave us a Macy's gift card got me my long awaited newest kitchen accessory.

I love it and can't wait to use it (but won't until my dishwasher is fixed, which should hopefully be this week.  After we returned home we took a nice walk to Super America (what walk to a gas station isn't pleasant?) for a Coke slushy (C's a fan).  We ended the day by watching the start of the baseball season.  We also had a yumm-o dinner of raman noodles.  Talk about going from one meal extreme to the other.  

Oh, I also discovered two birds, Fred and Lily, have decided to build a nest and raise their out of wedlock family outside our back door.  They haven't gotten far yet, just a few twigs up over the window and lots of twigs scattered on the ground. I'd post pictures but I still haven't remembered to get my camera cord from my parents' house (it's been there for about a month). I'm looking forward to watching the build and eventually raise their little bird family. 

As I said earlier, our weekend isn't over yet.  Tomorrow we're headed to Cinci (yuck) for the Reds v. Cardinals opening day game.  

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend!

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