Wednesday, April 7, 2010

beach reads

About this time every year, when the trees start to blossom and I can wear skirts to work again (without hose), I begin to compile my summer reading list. I'm planning on kicking off my summer reading with this highly anticipated (at least for me) book being release right before we head to Pipestone (the one in Minnesota, not Michigan) for Baby Olson 2.O's baptism. Guess what I'll be reading on the plane and when I can't peruse the internets because I don't have cell service? I cannot wait for Jen’s new book. C say’s I get giddy when I talk about it. And, yes, Jen and I are on a first name basis, she just doesn’t know it yet. Maybe I’ll stop by and see her when I’m in chi-town in June for Lora’s bachelorette party.

Speaking of Jen, I’m planning on taking a serious look at the books she’s looking forward to this summer “new books coming out this summer from Jane Green, Emily Giffin, Lauren Weisberger, Beth Harbison, Jen Weiner, and Allison Winn Scotch...”. If I like her writing so much then I’m beginning to think I should trust her reading judgment as well.

Another book I recently discovered comes out the day before we hit the beach. And I think with my recent desire to revamp my wardrobe from blah-ness into wow-ness this is a must read. True Prep: It’s a Whole New World is the sequel to The Official Preppy Handbook (a book I have flipped through before). This should be a great way to jump start my fall wardrobe search. (C will be thrilled.)

Any summer read suggestions from the bloggy world?

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