Saturday, March 20, 2010


Happy Spring!

I'm ringing in the by shaving my legs, applying my Ocean Potion Magic Lotion, and wearing shorts.  Now I'm dressed to impress with no where to go.

Yet I refuse to stay inside all day.  And since we don't have a balcony that I can sit on a read all day I'll have to improvise by instead going to the grocery.  The walks to and from the car will have to count as my fresh air.  And maybe we'll picnic later.  I just don't know.

I've been putting off the rest of this post for over a week now.  But this morning as I thought about my "Welcome Spring!!" post I thought this was a perfect post to include the Life Documentary in.  With spring comes new Life (except the trees haven't picked that up yet - at least not here).  Maybe that's why the Discovery channel chose tomorrow as the series premier of its new documentary Life.

Since I loved Planet Earth (still not finished but only a few episodes left) I am sure I will love Life as well.

In case you don't get Discovery it appears that all Discovery affiliated networks will be airing the two episodes tomorrow night (TLC, Science Channel, and Animal Planet).

Check it out.  Seriously.

(I apologize for this being larger than the blog area.  I don't know how to make it smaller so you'll just have to click on the video and view it in youtube.  Full screen will probably be the best view anyway. Enjoy.)

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