Friday, March 19, 2010

Fashion Friday: India Edition

Once upon a time I went to India.

While in India we purchased punjabis and saris.  Since everything is so inexpensive in India I spent roughly $7 (including custom tailoring) for my "high end" sari.  And since I had some extra change, I splurged for the $4 punjabi.

(that's my sari fabric)

In my blalking (blog/stalking) yesterday I came across punjammies.  They are super cool (and support a good cause.  I think one of these days I may have to order a pair.  They're like saris for your legs! So gorgeous.

These are such a great idea and very unique (I think).  I'm pretty sure I'd even wear them in public.

Now I want to go back to India and spend time with the people and take in the awe inspiring scenery.

(especially this guy)

But my stomach is not quite ready for the food.  Not sure it ever will be.

But India is beautiful.

And I didn't realize these punjammies would make me miss it so much.

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