Sunday, January 31, 2010

Weekend Rewind

This weekend consisted of lots of sleeping and a date night.  That's really about it.

Lucky for you I documented most of the weekend on my phone.  I'll insert pictures where I can.

Friday started with an unexpected call to AAA (come to thing of it, when are those calls ever expected) because a tire on C's car blew out.  I called AAA at 8:51 and asked them to give me a 15 minute heads up so I could go to the gas station to meet the tire changing man (no, we do not know how to change a tire).  At 8:53 I got a call telling me the guy was on his way and would be there in less than 10 minutes.  Fastest AAA response ever.  Unfortunately I did not get a picture of this.  Or the receipt for 4 new tires and an alignment.

Friday night C and I headed to the mall for dinner.  I had chinese, he had Charley's.

C was also super tired from not sleeping, so he was out cold by 8:30.  That gave me time to catch up on my E! entertainment (Kendra and the Kardashians).

Saturday started wonderfully because we got to sleep in.  After running some errands (library, bank, art and clay) we went to starbucks.  I have found an even smaller version than a "tall" that is just my size.

After Starbucks we came home grabbed a bite to eat and C watched some Lost while I watched Wizards of Waverly Place (that's a Disney Channel show for all my readers over 12).  

Then we headed out for our highly anticipated date night.  Earlier in the week I had told C that we'd go to dinner and a movie, both of his choosing.  Anything but Avatar was fair game.  He chose Ted's Montana Grill and Up in the Air.  The nice guy that he is, he wanted me to enjoy the evening as well.  

Here we are at dinner.  C is checking something on his phone and I am making sure that my salad does not arrive with onions or tomatoes.  (I realize this is not a good pic of me, but this is how I look most of the time.)

After dinner, the movie, and missing the exit to head home, we found ourselves at Caribou.   I picked up some tea I'd been wanting to get and C got a dark chocolate mocha.

We headed home and caught SNL before hitting the hay.

Sunday we churched and napped and saw the 2nd half of the buckeyes game.  C went to work to finish some stuff up and I was a dutiful wife and went to the store.  I made chicken parmesan for dinner and am now channel surfing in the office and drinking tea while C watches Lost.

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