Saturday, January 30, 2010

Plates and Vases

The story for this post begins in February 2009.  Don't worry though, it's not really a long story.

For Valentine's Day last year, my parents got us a gift card to Art and Clay so we could have a date night and paint some pottery.  One Friday night in March 2009 we went to Art and Clay.  C picked out a vase to paint and I picked out a plate.  Unfortunately, we were not able to finish out masterpieces before they closed that night, so we planned on going back.

But all of the sudden Charles had finals, and then the bar, and then real work and we just never made it back.  Last August I got a call from Art and Clay asking if we'd be coming in to finish out pieces.  I said "yes" so they said they'd hold them (I also offered to come pick them up and just bring them back with us at a later date, but they said that wasn't necessary).

Cut to January 2010.  Art and Clay is closing.  We decide to go and finish our pieces.  We went in over MLK weekend to see if they were still there.  Two pieces, one order slip.  They kept C's but not mine.  We really wanted to finish them so I picked out another plate and we promised to be back the next weekend.

So last weekend we went back to finish the pieces.  I won't recap the actual experience, but you can read about the C love-fest that took place here.

Today while running our errands (it was nice to take care of 4 things all within walking distance of our place - library, mail, bank, Art and Clay) we stopped to pick up the pieces.  Again, they loved C's piece and thought mine turned out "nice" too.   I'll admit it's not the best I've done there, but as a frequent (prior to February 2009) customer, I expected some more love.

C's Prized Piece

I'm to thank for that japanese symbol 
(not the idea, but the application of the symbol)

And my "nice" piece

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