Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Weekend Rewind

This was our first regular weekend in quite a while. Since the end of July to be exact. We've been looking forward to getting back to normal for several weeks now. Here's how we spent our first new normal weekend since Charles finished the bar (and everything law school related).

Friday night we went to my brother's football game. They played Lutheran East, my dad's Alma mater, from Cleveland. Charles had the great idea of getting Lutheran East shirts to wear to the game as a joke for Mark. I called the AD on Tuesday and my sister was able to pick the shirts up and overnight them to us on Wednesday. Charles and I showed up to the game with out shirts on (dad had one two) and secretly routed for Lutheran East. Despite being an FCA alum, I could not go against my faith (and felt bad for the guys because they had traveled all the way from Cleveland, only had 25 players, and 5 fans). In the end it didn't matter how many players they had so long as #4 was on the field to complete every major play. We enjoyed the game, silently cheered on Lutheran East to a victory, and would have rubbed it in to Mark more had he not been under the weather. Our church also provided the guys with a sack dinner to take back on the bus for their 3 hour commute. Here's a pic of us in our Lutheran East shirts with Mark....

Saturday I woke up under the weather. Scratchy through, congestion, headache, the works. Charles and I went to Panera for a quick breakfast before walking around the farmers market for some veggies. I was looking for zuchinnis and yellow squash, but we came away with 6 ears of corn and a small baby pumpkin instead. Charles headed to work and I went home to take a long nap and get caught up my programming. Once Charles got home we headed to Meijer's to purchase I small cake I'd been hungry for since watching my dvr'd Ace of Cakes episodes. We also came away with coke, milk, apple juice, and beer.

Yesterday evening we ordered wings and pizza and enjoyed watched the OSU/USC game. Mark had called before the game to see if he could come over to eat our food watch the game with us. While I was impressed with our outing, the other member of the Elsea family was not. As for me (and Mark) the evening was enjoyable and a good football game was watched.

Sunday was just like any other Sunday for us. We woke up, got dressed, stopped by Starbucks and headed to church. Gladys, the church cat, was outside waiting to greet us. She was looking like she had lost a lot of weight, so I got some milk and put it on a plate for her. She didn't drink it all like last time, which gives me even more reason to think she's under the weather. Hopefully she's not on her 9th live. After church when went to McDonald's (another usual) and headed home.

We enjoy going to open houses to see what's available and what Lancaster has to offer so that, someday, when we do by a house, we'll have some idea of what we are looking for and what we can get. We toured a very lovely home on Allen Street and also went through Charles' current dream home on Cherry Street. In other words ,today we learned to stop going through nice homes until we are ready to buy, the whole process is just one big tease.

We returned home to rest a while, but instead ended up taking one of the longest walks we have taken in a while (aside from the time I suggested we could walk from the Iwo Jima Memorial in Arlington, VA all the way to Union Station in DC - 8 miles in flip flops makes for a very long day and very sore feet/legs). We returned home to our left overs from Saturday night, watched some football and the movie Ghost Rider (not sure why, it's not even a decent movie) and hit the hay not so ready to start another week.

And there you have it. A couple days late, but the Weekend Rewind none-the-less. It turns out having Charles out of law school takes away a lot of my free (aka blogging) time. I'm going to have to relearn how to manage my time.

The next Weekend Rewind is bound to please as it should include some baseball, a wedding, a posh hotel, a Diner, Drive-in, and Dive stop, a brewery tour, a seminary and whatever else we can find in the Gateway to the West.

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