Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Calling all Car Fairies (or maintenance men)

I hate all things car maintenance related. I put it off like people put off going to the doctor for fear that they'll will receive bad news. I know that getting the problem fixed while it is just a minor problem will cost less than not addressing the minor problem and letting it turn into a major problem, which undoubtedly will cost more, but that still doesn't stop me, or rather, jump start me to get the car fixed. Not spending any money now is cheaper than spending who knows how much down the road. That logic works. Right?

That would explain why my deader than dead car is sitting in our parking lot waiting for the Car Fairy to give it a jump. It had been a couple of weeks since the car hadn't been driven, or even started, when we were told to move the car because it was in the "wrong" spot and would be towed. I won't even start on the fact that it was in the right spot. Needless to say, when you don't start an older car for two weeks, not even once to let it know you'll be back, the car will most surly die. Luckily we had Charles' office, the tow-er, on our side and they weren't going to tow the car anywhere. Phew. We were safe.

The good hearted people that we are though, we decided to move the dead car. The can is so dead that the unlock button won't even work because the car can't drum up the energy to unlock the doors. We thought about trying to jump it but decided we'd put that off and just try to move it ourselves. We were able to put the car in neutral and push it , while steering, into the spot right next to where the car had been sitting, deader than dead.

Phew. Again.

We could let the car sit, dead, in the lot for as long as we wanted. And since we both walk to work and hardly ever drive we figured it could sit there for eternity, or until we move. At least I thought so, I'm sure Charles wanted to get the problem fixed sooner rather than later.

And then we were informed the lot would be resurfaced this weekend and if the car was still there it'd be towed. And we know they will, they've done it before. As hard as it was to push a powerless steering car to the next spot over, there's probably no way we're going to be able to push it to the next lot over (and back again).

So tonight we have to tackle this problem. I've got the jumper cables, the car to jump with, and 4 free tows with AAA, but I'm dreading even trying to jump it ourselves. And if the jumping doesn't work, and I'm betting it doesn't, then I have to sit by the car for 3 hours and 27 minutes while I wait for a tow truck to come from the place down the block.

I wish we could put this off one more day and give the Car Fairy another 24 hours to miraculously fix our car, but we can't. I've put off other things as well, and have laundry to do and four batches of puppy chow to make tomorrow night before we leave Friday morning. My procrastinating is really starting to back up.

Does anyone know the Car Fairy? Or is the Car Fairy also go by AAA?

Update: We're currently waiting for the tow truck to get here. He is supposed to be here by 8:40 and will give us a 10 minute heads up. That means we should have talked to him a minute and a half ago. Oh, and we did try to jump it, but as I thought, that didn't work.


anony_mous said...

at least it didn't catch fire!

Emommy said...

Sorry, guys! That stinks! Hope you got the car moved -- and the Car Fairy can pony up some tardy magic.