Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Charles the Chicken

Everything good and interesting has happened since we left Concordia. I think its a curse I carry, not C, because we didn't get any improvements the year I was there and he wasn't. Except for a way awesome Acting Director of Campus Activities.

First they renovated most of the campus.
This year the football team is 3-0 (first time in 40 years).
And now they have a campus chicken.

According to my brother word on the block is that one of the football coaches worked on a farm this summer and was instructed to "get rid" of the chicken. Poor guy, who apparently is quite the defensive force to be reckoned with and has been said to eat puppies, didn't have the heart to kill the little guy so he brought Charles to campus.

And Charles the Chicken has been enjoying the good (Lutheran) life ever since. I have never wanted to return to college so badly.

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