Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Wheat Berries and Restraining Orders

For several weeks now I've been searching high and low for wheat berries to make this recipe. With all the time I've had on my hands lately, being a Bar Widow and all, I decided to visit our local heath food store after work in search for these "berries."

Upon my arrival I was greeted by Lance Armstrong Wannabe (LAW) and his "I don't think I wanna be an organic gal" employee. LAW asked how he could help. Instead of trying to find the wheat berries on my own I figured I would just ask so I could get on my way to pick up my free Victoria's Secret panty. LAW said he would check if they had any left and then went to help another the only other customer. I continued to browse for a couple more minutes until LAW asked if there was anything else he could do. I reminded him I was still waiting to see if they had wheat berries. He said they did have them but before getting it for me asked my blood type. I can never easily remember my blood type, but after a little bit of thinking about my options (A, B, AB, and O) I remembered I am the best type there is, A+. Fitting, huh? I told LAW I was A+ and he agreed to give me the wheat berries and was astounded that I was not familiar with the "Blood Type Diet". Apparently these wheat berries are deadly (and I never exaggerate) for other blood types.

LAW also offered to order me a 25 pound bag of wheat berries. What in the world would I do with that many wheat berries? I could make the Wheat Berry Salad with Goat Cheese at least 50 times (i think). Needless to say I doubt I'll ever be visiting this health food store again. Especially since they didn't even have my Burt's Bees bath salts.

Another task I had to do today was pay yet another ticket for The Boy. He seems to be on a roll with these lately. While you can pay this ticket at the Municipal Court or mail it in, I refused to do either because 1) you never know how long the ladies in the municipal court office will take and 2) I refuse to pay $.42 to mail a check across the street. Since those two options were out I stopped by the police station on the way home and paid there (which you can do after hours). I'm sure by now the girls know what I'm there for when I walk in.

I paid the ticket without any problems, but as I waited for the lady to write the longest receipt ever I was able to over hear a girl and her friend reporting a theft to the lucky officer on duty. The girls seemed to give more information than he could possibly need and even managed to stop what they were saying to compliment my dress. I'm glad they were focused on the matter at hand. At the end of filing the report and after having said they do not know where the thief/ex-boyfriend was and have not had contact with him in a decent amount of time (he seems to be avoiding the main girl and I would too if I stole something of her's) the main girl asked what was needed to file a restraining order. At this point the officer was obviously ready to get on with his day. He explained to them that filing a restraining order against someone who isn't in contact with you and isn't trying to reach you is not necessary. After a little more explaining by the officer of this odd concept the girls seemed to understand and where on their way

It's too bad the police department discourages filing restraining orders against those you aren't in contact with. I was planning on filing one against this guy.

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