Monday, July 6, 2009

Guilty Pleasures

Shepard Smith and I have something in common. No, it's not that we both attended a private school. We both love high speed chases. Within the last week we have been graced with not one, but two chases. Both occurring in Houston. What is it with high speed chases in Houston and LA? They don't appear to take place anywhere else or during any season other than summer.

While I'm not Fox News' biggest fan because they aren't exactly "fair and balanced" I give them mad props (what ever happened to that phrase?) for their coverage of car chases. I'm sure some of you are thinking "I didn't know there were two car chases this past week?" I'm betting you didn't know because you were watching CNN, MSNBC, or A Baby Story on TLC.

For those who were not able to spend 3 hours watching the two chases, I'll give you a quick run down.

Last week's chase went on for over two hours. During this time many important things were happening in the world. Things that Fox News should have been reporting on, but instead Shep told us we weren't going anywhere until this guy was in custody and I couldn't have been more thankful. This driver was all over the high ways, off ramps, HOV lanes, and side streets. He took out signs on the off ramps and managed to drive through several grassy knolls. The chase ended with a great crash (thankfully the other driver wasn't hurt) that forced the police to use the jaws of life to get the suspect out of the car.

Today's chase was only an hour long, but was all over the place. Instead of staying on the highway, as I would have suggested to the driver of the white Dodge minivan, this guy decided to navigate the side streets of Houston. (I was not very impressed as the speeds were not as high as they could have been on the highway.) This guy even managed to make it in and out of a parking garage untouched despite dozens of police cars following him. About 15 minutes later the driver turned into another larger parking garage and was surrounded. Exits were blocked off with police cars and even a semi-truck (I'm not sure who agreed to sacrifice their rig to capture this guy). Minutes later the suspect jumped off the top of the garage to a level below and was arrested.

And did you catch the chase a few weeks ago where the owner of a stolen "semi tractor unit" (that's an official wikipedia definition) was stuck on the back of the his truck holding on for dear life while the suspect raced through Houston (I'm presuming) trying to lose the 16 cops on his tail? That one was nerve-wracking.

These past two weeks I've been spoiled. Two quality high speed chases both ending (as they always do) with the suspect in custody. I think the reason why I enjoy high speed chases is that at the end of the chase the suspect is going to get caught. We already know the guy doesn't want to get caught so he isn't going to go down without a fight (or crash). And if he doesn't crash he's going to run out of gas (as Shep said last week, "I wouldn't imagine they will let him refuel"). I hate to see innocent bystanders/drivers involved (as the case was last week) but I do enjoy whatever the idiots behind the wheel have coming to them.

Maybe I should start watching COPS.

Update: The Boy just brought this to my attention. Clearly Jon Stewart and I don't see eye to eye on this issue. But it did make me chuckle.

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Joyce Guenther said...

Rachel, I'm sure you know Columbus had their own high speed chase today. I think you have something here! xoxox Joyce