Sunday, July 12, 2009

Weekend Rewind

It's funny how lately I go into a weekend with no expectations of anything out of the ordinary happening and think to myself "I'm not going to have a good Weekend Rewind this weekend," but then around 9 pm Sunday night I suddenly have several things to write about.

As you recall my plan for this past weekend was to spend it Boy-less at the pool, watching Confessions of a Shopaholic, and doing laundry. I managed to get two of those things done. I am a bit darker and have washed every dirty article of clothing (as well as bedding) on Columbus Street. Notice I did not say I watched Shopaholic.

I planned on watching Shopaholic Friday night but got a call from The Boy around 6 pm saying he was coming home. So instead of watching Shopaholic, we headed to Easton for dinner, a quick stop at Trader Joe's, and a movie. Dinner was at our ever favorite Logan's Roadhouse and the movie of (The Boy's) choice was Public Enemies. I had no idea what this movie was about going in. Coming out I knew the life story of John Dillinger. I managed to stay up for the entire 2 hours and 20 minutes of the 10:30 pm showing. My only complaint was the absurd about of shooting. All in all it was a decent flick. Although some Ohioans wish it included a bit more info.

Saturday I woke up to a gloomy day and decided today was the day to watch Shopaholic. I managed to run to the Farmer's Market down the street and to the library to pick up a book on hold before starting my day. I had planned on going to the pool, but the rain kept me indoors. This was a good thing though as it forced me to start one of the biggest laundry projects of my life. By Saturday evening most of the laundry had been done and a few errands had been run. I was already to pop in Shopaholic, but then the phone rang. It was The Boy, he was headed home and wanted to know if I wanted to watch a movie. I said yes (because I'm not one to turn down time with The Boy) and agreed to meet him outside to run to Blockbuster. That movie of choice last night was Little Miss Sunshine. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. Then off to bed it was, having not seen Shopaholic.

Today The Boy and I went to Starbucks prior to me going to church and him heading off to study. I was told this morning that he would not be coming home early. While sitting outside of Starbucks on Memorial Drive we saw this...

The driver of this semi had stopped on the side of Memorial and parked his rig so he and his wife could make a Starbucks run. Perfectly normal.

I then went to church, spent a couple of hours reading at the pool, and headed back to church for a cookout for the "youth" group staying at our church for the week while they do a servant event a county over. Having been filled with God, sun, and hot dogs I headed home to finish the laundry and pop in Shopaholic. This time I actually got the movie in the DVD player and as I hit "Disk Menu" on the remote my phone rang. It was The Boy (who, remember, said he was not coming home early tonight) saying he was passing Starbucks and would be home in 5 minutes.

We went to his office to check his emails, walked to get some ice cream and headed home to watch his beloved Cardinals' DVR'ed game. At this point I hadn't planned on writing a Weekend Rewind until we saw this as we approached our building...

I have to admit, for a second there I thought out place had gone up in flames (or at least my drier caught the place on fire). Luckily (for us) upon further investigation/walking we found that our place wasn't the center of attention, but Tammy Joe's was.

I'm guessing there wasn't a big fire, if any fire at all, because we saw the fireman standing in the restaurant without their gear on.

So hear I sit, blogging, at 10 pm Sunday night, having not watched Shopaholic this weekend. As The Boy pointed out, I could easily watch it in the office while he watches the game, but the nice wife that I am, I would rather sit in here with him while he's home (I'm sure that will change once he's done studying). I do have until midnight Monday before I have to return it, so I still have one more night to try to watch it. I'm beginning to think Sophie does not want me to watch this movie.

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