Saturday, July 18, 2009

Pet Peeves

I know we all have pet peeves. Some are justified and some aren't. While some of my pet peeves come and go, I have a few that just really irk me.

First, have any of my fellow Food Network followers ever noticed that Rachael Ray wears her engagement ring under her wedding ring? She's on television for goodness sake. Her clothes are picked out by a wardrobe stylist and her hair and makeup are done for her. She has everyone telling her exactly what to wear and how to look. Can't any of them tell her that her engagement ring belongs on top of her wedding ring?

I should preface my second, and last, pet peeve for today by letting you know that The Boy and I live rather close to work. We are on the same block as his office and two blocks away from mine. Thus, I walk to work most days. In order to get to my office two blocks away, I must cross the main intersection downtown. What really bugs me is when someone, who doesn't look like they have anywhere to be, incessantly pushes the button to cross. If I ever push the button, it's once, when there isn't any traffic going the other way to trip the sensor. Unless you're late for a hearing up on the hill, rushing to the police department to report a theft, or running to my office or home to give me gushy gossip, there is absolutely no need to push the button more than once, let alone nonstop. First of all, its annoying for those of us who already pushed the button once to listen to, and second, pushing the button nonstop isn't going to get the cross sign any quicker, especially when it is already counting down.

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