Thursday, July 16, 2009

2,400 Feet

Last night I had the privilege of taking a tour of Fairfield and Hocking counties 2,400 feet above solid ground.  We have a group staying at our church this week while working on a servant event in Hocking County.  Each night we have tried to had an activity to keep them entertained and help them unwind from a day of very hard work.  Sunday night we had a cook out, Monday night was a s'ketti dinner, Tuesday night was a pizza party at The View and tonight was a tour of the area via air plane.  Jeff and Kathy from church were gracious enough to take three trips to show the group Lancaster from a bird's eye view.  I have been tagging along and helping out in the evenings, so I had the opportunity to also go on a ride last night.  

I took way too many pictures, so I have made a slide show to show you some of the awesome sights from the plane.  Make sure to read the captions so you don't miss the photo with the President's protected air space, Mount Pleasant, church, and our future property (fingers crossed).  Also included are pictures from the museum at the county airport.  I had no idea this place (the museum, I did know about the airport) existed.  Some of the men who work to restore planes stayed late to show our group around and teach us everything we could ever need to know about the planes they had.  Apparently a woman thought it was a good idea to make a dress from the fabric they would use to cover the planes.  As one guy pointed out, hopefully she knew to pre-shrink the fabric before hand, otherwise the dress would be several sizes too small.

It's too bad The Boy wasn't about to join us, but Jeff and Kathy have promised to take him up once he's done with the Bar.  I'm sure he'll love it.

click on the slide show to view larger versions of the images.

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