Friday, October 11, 2019

IT'S FAIR WEEK (proclaimed the kids as I just begged to stay home)

Happy Fair Week!

The best part of this week is that there's no school yesterday and today so I don't have to pack lunches or snacks or feed Monkey breakfast (ok, that sounds horrible) or make sure the kids look presentable as we head out the door.  Instead, yesterday was, "throw on whatever you want, put on some shoes, and let's go." And we went.  I know I complained about not liking school routines last fall and I know they are better for the kids, but they are still hard on the moms.

We went to the fair on Wednesday night as Monkey was a finalist in the coloring contest. I have yet to see her entry and all I know is that it's a chicken, but I'm willing to bet it's a rainbow chicken. Maybe even with a unicorn horn.

Here are my stellar photographs of the ceremony!  But seriously, look at those clouds.

Today, assuming there hasn't been a change in plans, I'm going against my better judgement and taking all three kids to the zoo because I figure it won't be as crowded and I won't be as likely to lose them as I would at the fair.  But first... flu shots!  The more I type the more I'm thinking this is all a horrible idea. If we successfully make it through the flu shots and the zoo and no one is asleep as we pass Easton, I may even stop to get non-nursing bras, because I'm worth it (and I haven't been pumping for 6 months).

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