Thursday, June 20, 2019

June Update

I'm not sure why I'm bothering posting today. It's been a month plus since our last chat. I never did share the rest of our trip (we all knew that wasn't going to happen anyway).

Remember how I used to blog Back when C was in law school and we were kidless and I had nothing to do after I got off work at five? That was cute. Now I'm lucky to blog once a month.

Since the last post:

The kids have graduated from school.

Monkey is completely done at Redeemer and will be a Bee at St. Bernadette's next year.

Here's a preview of her elementary school mug shot.

GMac "graduated" from Lambs and will be a Dove next year.

Dex was diagnosed with his third ear infection since Superbowl Sunday, developed an allergy to amoxicillin, and got ear tubes.

It's been raining since 2017. Or at least it feels that way. They say today's the last really rainy day for a while. Maybe we'll be able to start going to the pool.

We did take the kids couch shopping and stopped at a COSI exhibit. We told them it was COSI so hopefully that holds them off for a while.

Speaking of the pool, GMac has a massive fear of the pool so long as swim lessons are involved. I was this way as a kid so I thought it was from me, but it turns out C was the same way, so it's exponentially worse. He's about to get off the step here which is a HUGE step for him.

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