Monday, March 4, 2019

the boringest post you ever did see

I really have no excuse for not blogging.  I have a computer at home (something that, until last year, was not the case), I'm not pumping (2+ hours freed up in my day), and my kids are in bed by 8:30 every night (ha ha ha ha!).

Apparently, I've decided to go on living my life. 

I have managed to update my reading log.  I'm currently working my way through Rachel Balducci's Make My Life Simple. I'm really enjoying it and the fact that we both start cleaning up by starting with the dishes.  Don't worry, I'm still working my way through all of the British chick lit too.

Our house is working its way through the 276th cold of the year.  Once the last person gets over it, it starts again.  Dex is a blast at night with a cold!

I'm still watching Live PD. Sometimes C will watch with me and provide additional legal commentary.

That's really about it. Looking forward to an extra hour of daylight Sunday!

1 comment:

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