Monday, February 18, 2019

we got out of the house!

It's been a year at the Elsea house. Lots of sickness and coldness and C working late (not complaining, just stating). So as I lay in bed this morning I was trying to think of something different to do that one, got us out of the house (our days are becoming rather monotonous to me, I'm sure to the kids too) and two, didn't involve going to a indoor play place because a, it would be packed and b, GERMS (I've become quite the germaphobe since becoming a parent).  Forget the fact we'd be the ones bringing the germs because Monkey spent the end of last week with strep.  GMac is also sick. His throat has hurt for "10 years."

Then it hit me.  Art & Clay. I packed up the kids and texted C to see if he wanted to pop in to say "hi" as he was at work because apparently everyone else keeps working when the government closes, but I pointed out not as much for him because our office closed the courts.

Anyway, we went to Art & Clay.  Here's the proof.

Also - 

We then went for an early lunch (10:45 a.m.) in "the town we were in" because apparently Monkey thought we were in a different town than normal (she wanted to lunch on Main Street).

I got a new phone, so my pictures will sound better. Something about the old phone sounding like the songs were being played through a toaster (C words, not mine, I couldn't even tell anything was wrong with it). 

If you see me this week and I'm crabby, it's because I'm trying to have health snacks and not much sugar. Also drinking more water, but that's not crazy inducing. I'm trying to bike 25+ minutes a day too.  

I've been reading up a storm and it's taking me away from watching Live PD (really anything on tv). 

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