Monday, February 4, 2019

It's Hamil-week!

It's Hamilton Week!

C's long awaited Christmas present is finally here! We've been prepping by listening to the soundtrack, googling what we don't already know (that's me, C's pretty familiar), re-skimming through Ron Chernow's biography (that's C, too long of a book for me), and we watched John Adams (which, based on the soundtrack, seems to have really prepared me for the show). My goal is to not have to lean over every other song to ask C who is who or what the Mayflower Compact was (kidding, on that one at least).

It's also my first night away from Dex and after a week+ of sickness I'm ready for it.

Last week was the flu or a cold (not completely sure which) for all the littles with the addition of a double ear infection for Dex (realizing we shouldn't have waited six days to take him to the doctor). Fortunately, three snow days means Monkey didn't get too behind at school. Boy, was she ready to go back today.

The sickness means the house is a mess, the littles have cabin fever, and we're all sleep deprived.

But it's Hamil-week!

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