Friday, January 4, 2019

2019 resolutions

I came up with some resolutions for this year. It's really a lifestyle make over, but resolutions nonetheless. I started the day after Christmas. It's an extensive list that will take some work, so if I don't make it everyday with all the things, I'll just try harder the next day. You'll notice I do not have "keep my nails painted" on the list. 

Read more - It shouldn't be hard to read more than 11 books this year.  I already finished #1 the other night.

Devotions everyday - I try to do this when biking.

Bike everyday (or take a really good walk come Spring/Summer) - Currently starting out of the slower end. Biking every day but not for too long. Gotta get in the groove first.

Eat better - currently focusing on NO pop and less mochas (dairy, really), more water. And will build from there. So far, so good.

Keep a tidier house - Wednesday was a good day for this  I folded five laundry baskets, baked some stuff (and cleaned up!), and had the dishes done while keeping the house picked up. My hope is this is easier in a month or so when I'm not spending two hours of may day sitting down pumping.

Be more present with the kids - This is my top priority. I'm going to try to say YES to more requests to color or play games or play paw patrol or today's request, dig for dinosaur bones in our yard.

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